Our Mad Life

The comic was conceived August 5, 2016 as Lenny and Robin were driving around Sarasota, Florida where they live. Lenny mentioned in passing that he had always wanted to do a web comic and Robin admitted to having an inexplicable urge to do the same. Their common experiences with Schizoaffective disorder appeared to provide obvious and abundant material. By the time they made it home they had ideas for four strips and plenty of enthusiasm.

Our Mad Life follows the characters Paige and Evan as they deal with mental illness, recovery, and relationships. It is intended for people with a sense of humor who are not easily offended. If you meet both of those criteria we welcome you and hope you enjoy the comic.

oml-evan-charstudy-webLeonard Hoffman

Lenny has been making art since he was six. He was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder in 2011. He hopes this comic will help illuminate what it is like to live with this disease. His daytime job is working at the landfill driving big honking machines. This leaves plenty of time to think about how awesome Robin is. (He couldn’t write his own bio.)

oml-paige-charstudy-webRobin Snuttjer

Robin has been dealing with Schizoaffective disorder this entire century. You’d think she would have been prepared since half her family was mentally ill, but she found out that living it is something entirely different. Before being diagnosed she had been known to play a mean viola and sequence DNA. Currently, when not generating ideas for Our Mad Life, coloring the strips, or administering the website she makes glass beads. That is a lot more fascinating and fun than it sounds. Also, she cracks the whip on Lenny to do the drawings. She hopes this comic will make her oodles of money.