• Hot Water

    So the NAMI Florida State Conference 2019 was at a pretty swanky hotel. But when Robin went up to take her shower, the water wouldn’t get hot. We moved rooms and had the same problem. Apparently the boiler was down for the whole building. By the time we got dinner and came back, the problem […]

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  • All the Fun

    During the NAMI Florida State Conference 2019, my friend Vikki experienced some Psychogenic Nonepileptic Seizures. They are kinda scary to watch but are ultimately harmless. The biggest problem, from Vikki’s point of view, is when people freak out about them and call the paramedics. Several times she has had to go to the hospital to […]

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  • NAMI Boards

    Well, we are back in business! I recently completed a move into a spare bedroom of a friend. It took a while to get everything set up to the point where I could work on Our Mad Life again. We are continuing the series written at the NAMI Florida State Conference 2019, this time with […]

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  • Don’t Waste

    This is something else that happened at the NAMI Florida Convention. I agree so much with that idea: if you live with mental illness, you have been given an experience that is different. Difference makes it valuable. Profit from it. Turn your story into something that supports you. You may have lost an entire way […]

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  • Connections

    Back in September, Robin and I had a chance to go to the NAMI Florida ConventionĀ . We had a chance to set up a table for Our Mad Life and gave out cards that I drew portraits on. You can see it on my Instagram. We wrote a few strips based on the experience, so […]

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  • Work #3

    We return to Evan’s time with the ditch crew. My experience at the landfill involved a lot of trucks of all shapes and sizes. Old ones, new ones, foreign ones, domestic varieties. When someone would come with a car, it felt tiny. Like a toy vehicle. Drawing this series on work has been all about […]