Happy New Year!! Paige is starting the New Year by getting blasted. It’s not too different from reality. Except the alcohol Lenny and I had was champagne, and I had one glass. We didn’t get more than a little buzzed. So maybe it’s not really the same at all.

This strip is based on reality in that I did get really drunk one night and Lenny said those words to me. I feel compelled to point out that I am not an alcoholic though. That is because there is as much stigma around alcoholism as there is around mental illness. I like to think that if I were an alcoholic I would be as open about it as I am about my mental illness. What I can say is that I really like alcohol.

In a perfect world, people taking medicine for mental conditions would not drink at all. I remember when a friend of mine started taking psychiatric meds, she couldn’t drink alcohol with them. I thought that was awful. But then I was 19 at the time and couldn’t drink legally anyway. So what did I know?

I asked my psychiatrist once how bad it was to drink with my antipsychotic, and he said it was fine. I don’t really know what difference it makes with antipsychotics, but I do drink. And recently I was probably drinking more than I should. But then I went on Weight Watchers and I had to quit drinking because alcohol has a lot of points. I didn’t want to drink 80 points a day. I’d much rather eat my points in Cheetos than drinking Fire in the Belly.

My father was an alcoholic and also had schizophrenia. I don’t think drinking helped him at all. I think what it did was make life a little less miserable. There is a big push for people with mental illness to be healthy and do all the right things – sleep, diet, exercise, meditation… And I try, but sometimes you just want to check out for a minute.

Lenny just came in talking about moderate drinking – what’s that?!? He says there’s room and reason for that. I think you’d have to talk to him about that. I don’t know much about moderation. Just kidding, I do. I just like excess – in moderation of course.

Well, I should really wrap up because I need to post this before noon. But I have too much of a hangover to really come up with a way to do that. Ha! Remember? I had one glass last night. But drinking is a personal choice. Just remember, if you do drink, drink responsibly. Don’t drink and drive. Pass out on the couch like God intended.

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