This is an example of how Lenny’s ability to draw facial expressions makes the comic. Evan starts with a sincere desire to anticipate Paige’s wishes and fulfill them. He asks her to make a decision. Paige is totally preoccupied and gives him a non answer. Evan has to take this in, and then is a little deflated. Finally, Evan very rationally points out that Paige should know her own desires better than he would.

This is something that happened several months ago. We both thought it was very funny. I think what tickled me was that Lenny took an unusual and unexpected approach to the problem. The problem, of course, was my unwillingness to make a decision. Lenny was so rational. He didn’t let emotions get the better of him. It took him a minute, but he came up with a response that wasn’t at all fractious.

Maybe it’s because of the medication, but I often have trouble making a decision about what I want. I guess in those cases, I don’t really want whatever is in question. It’s more than that though. I have trouble deciding what I want to do with my time too. I think of things to do, and nothing really stands out as what I want to do. Maybe it is indecisive, but I think it goes deeper than that. Of course sometimes I do know what I want. I have a problem with eating chips. I almost always want chips, but rum? Eh.

Of course for New Years the traditional drink is champagne. I did want that, and had some to welcome in 2017. While I didn’t formally make resolutions this year, I do want to continue Our Mad Life, make glass beads, spend time with Lenny, and generally have a happy and healthy year. I hope 2017 is a year of happiness and health for you as well. Hopefully 2017 will be the best year yet.

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