The second of our series of Inktober 2019 strips!

This strip is basically some art for this awesome thing that Robin said. The words are just so true: we are pieces of the Earth, and we walk around now. Our origin and our destiny (so far) is on the Earth. As the Bible says: From Dust Ye Came and to Dust Ye Shall Return!

I want to take a moment to talk about what the art is. We recently went on a trip to New York, first to Robin’s high school for her reunion, and then to the City. Our flight home was supposed to leave at 6:00am. We had to wake at 3:00am to get the airport on time. But at midnight the airline called us and said our flight had been cancelled.  The new flight would leave at 1:00pm. We got a bonus morning in New York!

We spent the morning going to a breakfast cafe called Fiat Cafe. I drew Robin’s portrait while we were sitting there waiting for our food. Only the rough outline got done while we were waiting; I had to finish the drawing on the plane. Spent so much time working on it that I memorized the scene. I am turning the scene into a painting, and then I decided to turn it into a strip as well. And here we are.


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