Reality Check

The bit about the telepathic chemist cat is something that Robin actually thought during her last break. The sheer craziness of the idea is something we can find humor in because she is not stuck in that mindset anymore. What crazy things have you thought, whether suffering from a mental illness or not?

↓ Transcript
Lisa: Welcome to the support group. We begin with a two minute check-in to talk about your week.
Woman: I've been having a rough time. I can hardly get out of bed.
Man: Man, my OCD has been acting up. I set ten alarm clocks yesterday.
Paige: Everything is great! My cat is working telepathically as a chemist with DuPont to develop a self-cleaning carpet!

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  1. wannabe says: Reply

    I don’t normally have a problem with reality but once, many years ago, I briefly thought that our existence was a completely constructed illusion. (A simplification but I can’t really remember the complete context; it was based on a story I was considering writing.) The situation was scary but it lasted only a few seconds because I said to myself the following line, “The world doesn’t work that way.” My delusion evaporated instantly.

    Perhaps a useful tip for people with more persistent problems? (Not that I’m proposing a cure-all.)

    1. Lenny says: Reply

      Thank you for the comment Wannabe; all stories have value. My delusions were such that they persisted for several months and only really went away when I entered treatment. Part of the nature of the delusion was that I was unable to figure out how the world worked – my delusion was that I thought I did know how the world worked and that everyone else was wrong. Logic was a foreign concept to me. Actually, recovery was a hard, slow process (about six months to a year) of rebuilding my understanding of the world and re-establishing my connections to how things worked.

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