Yoga: The Morning

A friend who is into yoga recently described her perfect morning. For her, Yoga is not a series of poses to be completed as exercise, but rather an entire approach towards life. This includes Yogic concepts called the Yamas and Niyamas. The first Yama is “Ahimsa” or “No harm”. This comic walks through all the things that must happen, the feeding of pets and care of self, that are necessary to fully embody the concept of ahimsa. At the center is the practice of Yoga. Each element fits together in the willful act of not harming one self or others. And the last panel is taking a moment to enjoy the fruits of nature, in this case, a flower.

Ironically, the yoga pose that I chose for the center is a more western styled pose that is quite flashy. A more traditional yoga pose that I could have chosen might be the last panel from the Surya Namaskar comic. That pose is called mountain pose and is deceptively simple. But either way, this works.

10 points if you can name the pose the dog is taking ~_^

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