FACEing Mental Illness

A friend of ours was interviewed by Carrie Seidman for the FACEing mental illness project and I realized that I haven’t mentioned it here. Ooops. The project is the result of a grant that Carrie Seidman, a reporter for the Sarasota Herald Tribune, got to write about mental illness in the paper for a year. She has been doing profiles on people with mental illnesses every week for months. Lenny and I were both profiled. Lenny’s story is here, and my story is here.

Another part of the project, and the part that gives it the name, is an art show with self portraits done by people with mental illness. The show was earlier this year at the Selby Public Library. There was a lovely opening reception (which Carrie wore one of my beads to) and it stayed up for a month. A smaller version of the show has begun traveling and is currently hanging in a senior living facility in Sarasota.

Another part of the FACEing mental illness project is a documentary about the project that should be ready to view this fall. Lenny and I are interested in the documentary because we were filmed several times for it. We will see how it turns out. All of the newspaper coverage and filming and so forth has been very satisfying to our egos, I must say. But in the end, we come back and do a new strip every week and continue creating because that is what we truly love to do.

Lenny's self portrait for FACEing Mental Illness  Robin's FACEing Mental Illness piece

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  1. Emily says: Reply

    Wow. This is amazing. I hope this project inspires others of the same sort. Mental illness is sort of invisible because so many sufferers hide to protect themselves, plus it’s invisible, unlike missing limbs and the like. But even more debilitating than missing limbs.

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