• Don’t Waste

    This is something else that happened at the NAMI Florida Convention. I agree so much with that idea: if you live with mental illness, you have been given an experience that is different. Difference makes it valuable. Profit from it. Turn your story into something that supports you. You may have lost an entire way […]

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  • Connections

    Back in September, Robin and I had a chance to go to the NAMI Florida ConventionĀ . We had a chance to set up a table for Our Mad Life and gave out cards that I drew portraits on. You can see it on my Instagram. We wrote a few strips based on the experience, so […]

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  • Earth

    The second of our series of Inktober 2019 strips! This strip is basically some art for this awesome thing that Robin said. The words are just so true: we are pieces of the Earth, and we walk around now. Our origin and our destiny (so far) is on the Earth. As the Bible says: From […]

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  • Seen at MegaCon 2019

    I saw this as we were leaving MegaCon 2019: Daddy Deadpool, Mommy Deadpool, Son Deadpool, Daughter Elsa the Ice Queen. MegaCon was a great experience! I met a lot of artists and passed out copies of Our Mad Life Rainbow Unicorn. We are working towards making an appearance at a Comic Convention soon to sell […]

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  • Sunny

    I have heard that the term for those of you without a mental illness is “normie” and I’m not sure if I am supposed to publicize that or not, according to peer rules. But when normies act out of the ordinary it can sometimes make a peer really question herself and her perception. In other […]

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  • Try the Egg Shaker

    Another true story, this happened to me when I was in high school. I was visiting my girlfriend’s father who played in a drum circle and I was going to just play along. They kept giving me smaller and smaller percussion instruments until they finally asked me to stop. The egg shaker was one that […]