• Living with mental illness
  • Trauma

    Ralph asks Evan about trauma

    There’s kinda a lot going on in this comic. I think it is really a comment on trauma though. Ralph learns that mental illnesses are traumatic, and asks Evan. Evan admits it was traumatic, but he has a nifty souvenir. I think it is important to note, he has permanently changed as a result of […]

  • Relationships
  • The burp

    Evan reacts to Paige's burp

    This comic is funny because of the art. Evan’s reaction to Paige’s burp is awesome. And it’s funny because it’s about a bodily function. Who doesn’t love a joke about a bodily function? Well, me, usually. We released this comic? Was this my idea??? I thought briefly about talking about how people who are mentally […]

  • Buddhism
  • Buddhist Monk

    Evan gets a lesson from a Buddhist monk

    Lenny said he didn’t think this strip was really funny. I guess he thinks it’s more uplifting. I think it’s funny, because it’s exactly the kind of thing the Buddhists say. The monk featured in this comic is Gen Chodor. He is the resident teacher at our temple and he’s awesome. I was very fortunate […]

  • Psychiatrist
  • Symptom

    Dr. Miller diagnoses a symptom of schizophrenia

    When I first read this strip to Lenny, he didn’t think it was funny. He thought it might be offensive to some people. I can see his point, but then most humor can be offensive to somebody. I think it’s funny for a very simple reason. It highlights the fact that sometimes it is difficult […]