• Don’t Waste

    This is something else that happened at the NAMI Florida Convention. I agree so much with that idea: if you live with mental illness, you have been given an experience that is different. Difference makes it valuable. Profit from it. Turn your story into something that supports you. You may have lost an entire way […]

  • NAMI
  • Connections

    Back in September, Robin and I had a chance to go to the NAMI Florida Convention . We had a chance to set up a table for Our Mad Life and gave out cards that I drew portraits on. You can see it on my Instagram. We wrote a few strips based on the experience, so […]

  • Support Group
  • I Was God

    Everyone in support group was God

    I love this comic, because how often are you in a room where the majority of people had thought they were God? This is almost verbatim what happened. We all had a good laugh at ourselves. That’s one of the ‘Principles of Support’ for the group: we embrace humor as healthy. And of course I […]

  • Hospital
  • Suicide

    Paige tries to be helpful on the subject of suicide

    I hope this is funny and not offensive to anyone. Lenny was my authority on this since he is very touchy about suicide. I have written some strips which we decided were not right for Our Mad Life. In this case I challenged myself to find the humor in a topic that is difficult and doesn’t seem […]