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  • Yoga: The Morning

    A friend who is into yoga recently described her perfect morning. For her, Yoga is not a series of poses to be completed as exercise, but rather an entire approach towards life. This includes Yogic concepts called the Yamas and Niyamas. The first Yama is “Ahimsa” or “No harm”. This comic walks through all the […]

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  • Yoga: The Fly

    Okay, here is the first of a series about yoga. None of these have text (mostly), and all deal with some aspect of Yoga. This one is about an experience I had meditating in a Yoga pose, where a fly came and buzzed around me and then left. And rather than feel annoyed by the […]

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  • Peace

    Evan urges Paige to find peace

    This is an ironic, sarcastic type of strip. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want peace, but for some people that’s not what they are looking for. Our culture slants heavily towards the jacked on energy drink set at any rate. My psychiatrist predicted that there was going to be an explosion of slow. You […]