• Living with mental illness
  • Believe

    Paige wants Evan to believe in her

    Well here’s a relationship pitfall that doesn’t get talked about much. It is endlessly amusing to me that the problem is that Evan doesn’t believe in God. You might think Paige believing she IS God is enough of a problem. It is a situation with much potential for argument for sure. And then of course […]

  • Pharmacist
  • Unusual Relationship

    Paige reveals an unusual relationship to the pharmacist

    This is another in the pharmacist series. Paige has a somewhat unusual relationship with her pharmacist, and apparently her doctor as well. There isn’t much to this comic. It’s mostly just a little bit of fun. But the doctor-patient relationship is really quite important. I’ve had several therapists and psychiatrists over the years, and that […]

  • Holidays
  • True Love

    Paige and Evan are not on the same page.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! This week Even tests to see how well Paige knows him. This comic is funny because it’s unexpected. They are at the beach with a sunset and it’s romantic and you’d think Evan is thinking about his love for┬áPaige. But no, he’s thinking of robots. Lenny and I met when he sent […]

  • Relationships
  • Depth of Feeling

    This is another strip taken directly from our life. Lenny swears he didn’t say he had tepid feelings for me. He says he never would have gone along with a word he didn’t know. I’m not sure exactly what he said, but it WAS something like what is in this strip. I remember processing it […]

  • Relationships
  • Fighting


    This is the tail end of our first fight. Yes, I do remember what we were fighting about. It was on the finer points of how to express concepts of evolution. In reality, I delivered the last line while laughing so hard I could barely get it out, and now we have immortalized it in […]