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  • Work #3

    We return to Evan’s time with the ditch crew. My experience at the landfill involved a lot of trucks of all shapes and sizes. Old ones, new ones, foreign ones, domestic varieties. When someone would come with a car, it felt tiny. Like a toy vehicle. Drawing this series on work has been all about […]

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  • Work #2

    Yes! Our Mad Life is on a Wednesday! Inktober! Working at the landfill is hard work, and one is constantly tired and worn out. There is the macho thing about never being tired, but I often practiced holding my head up with my eyes closed for as long as I could and not fall asleep.

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  • Work #1

    Continuing Inktober with a new story! This is about Evan and is based, in part, on my time working at the landfill. Evan has a job digging ditches. Before his break, he had a better job but since his time in the hospital and jail, he’s had to work manual labor. It is a common […]

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  • Big Dreams

    Paige tells Evan her childhood dreams

    There is some disagreement about whether this comic is funny. I think it’s freakin’ hysterical. Maybe it’s just where you are on your path that determines if it’s funny. I did have dreams of being a professor when I was very young, and I had to seriously reconsider my dreams when I became ill. I’m […]