An Extended Writing Retreat

Big things are happening for Robin and I!  We are moving in together, and I have some paying art jobs and she has some new projects going on.  Robin wants to focus on her novel for the next three months for NanoWriMo (  That means OML is going to be on hiatus during that time.  We already have been updating irregularly as we deal with stability issues, but I see this hiatus to focus on a bigger project and build some confidence going forward.

This also gives me time to focus on my projects, which is a job for a friend and a side project based on NAMI’s In Our Own Voice presentations ( but done as comics.  I am starting with my own story, and will soon be working on the stories of other people with lived experience of mental illness.  They will be stories of recovery and hope.  I am excited about doing this, and am working with a fellow artist in Sarasota.  You will hear more here when this project is closer to being finished.

OML remains important to both of us.  There are several drawn, waiting to be colored, and many more written but not drawn.  We went through a binge a few weeks back, where I wrote three by myself!  And they made Robin laugh!  That is rare!  Robin has continued to write, and I hope writing a novel may inspire Paige to do the same, and we will see more strips than ever once we finish our projects.

In short, don’t rely on OML until the beginning of next year, and then expect big things! Until then, accept this piece of art that I intend to be a design for a t-shirt.  It will carry the tag line “Be Loved For Who You Are”



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