Cat Truth

I like cats. I think cats are funny just by the mere fact of their catness. Here Twiggy thinks her bowl is empty, and Evan talks to her like she’s capable of understanding English. He tries to convince her of the truth that she has food. Twiggy has a way of getting what she wants though. I think that is a cat’s superpower.

The relationship between cats and humans is interesting, because cats are famous for being so independent. And yet, they clearly need us. Maybe. Maybe they just act like they desperately want petting in order to control our minds. You never know with cats. Maybe I should start wearing a tin foil hat around my cat. She’d probably claw it off my head and pounce on it until it was dead.

My cat, Peaches, recently developed a catnip habit. She will beg me for fresh catnip. When I say beg I mean sit up on her hind legs and wave her front paws at me. She’s so cute when she does that! How can I resist? I wonder if the catnip is good for her though. Maybe she’s addicted. Is catnip addiction as bad as a Cheetos addiction?

Twiggy though, is a fictional cat. We based her on real cats we have known, but we changed names and details. Like most of our strips, the cat is not true to life. Some of our relationship comics are portrayed pretty much exactly as they happened, but others are purely fictional. That last one Lenny didn’t even want to do because he was afraid of what people might think of him. Likewise some of our comics about mental illness are rooted in real events, but were radically altered to make them funny. Others are purely fictional. They are based only on a symptom or other aspect of a mental health disorder.

These days it is difficult to discern what is true and what isn’t on the Internet. I know several people who read our comic and inferred things that are simply not true. I think one problem is that people self-reference when they are deciding about the truth of something they see on the Internet. They make a judgement based on their own beliefs and feelings. A random article I found on the Internet discusses this. It talks about several mistakes people make when they are deciding about the veracity of a site that is new to them. Interestingly I made all those mistakes when I landed on the site that I’m linking to. I’m posting a link anyway because I thought it was a really interesting read.

So anyway, in this strip Twiggy looks at her bowl and thinks it’s empty and she needs food. The truth is that there is food in the bowl. But her cat based self-reference is telling her that it is not enough food, so she persists in asking for more. Finally, Evan gives in, not because Twiggy is right, but because she is noisy.

Peaches still has a Cheetos addiction though. That’s the truth.

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