Hospital Happenings

My mother doesn’t think this one is funny. Lenny says he likes it because “it’s something you might actually see in a hospital.” That is true, because I did see it in a hospital. I might just think it’s funny because I was psychotic when it happened and thought it was funny. On the other hand, it might appeal to the absurdist in me. There is something funny about the idea of a mental ward as a destination full of enrichment opportunities.

Of course in reality, the girl who was dancing in her own vomit had on shoes. I’m not sure that makes it better. I saw a lot of crazy stuff during that hospital stay, and not just from other patients. I wouldn’t recommend that hospital. It is not a peaceful place to reorder your brain. But it sure did give me a lot of material. The towel incident happened during the same stay.

Mental health beds in hospitals are often in short supply and require long waits to get. Luckily I always found a bed when I needed to go in to the hospital. In some places there isn’t enough room for all the people who need to be inpatients. It is a real problem. Bad things can happen when you turn people away from the hospital.

Anniston, Alabama did not have many mental health services. One of my friends frequently traveled an hour to go to a hospital in Birmingham. There was an initiative to build a facility for mental health patients in Anniston, but it was denied zoning or something. For some reason people don’t like the idea of having a psychiatric facility near them.

When I moved to Florida, the location of the psychiatric facility was of great interest to me. I want to be prepared if I have another break. I drove by it the other day and sits in an out-of-the-way place. There isn’t as much choice here as there was when I lived in Atlanta. I think having options is important, and worry that there might not be a bed for me when I need one.

I think part of the problem is that mental health stays are not as lucrative as other types of hospital stays. There are no expensive tests or procedures to bill out for. Of course there are for profit psychiatric facilities so maybe that’s not the answer. This article discusses why there is a shortage of beds, but I still have questions. At any rate, if your chosen vacation destination is a psychiatric ward, you might have trouble getting a reservation.

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