This is an ironic, sarcastic type of strip. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want peace, but for some people that’s not what they are looking for. Our culture slants heavily towards the jacked on energy drink set at any rate. My psychiatrist predicted that there was going to be an explosion of slow. You know like an emphasis on handcrafted and home cooked, slow roasted and so forth. We do seem to be going at one heck of a pace societally now, I don’t know how that is going to turn around.

I remember when I was a child at Disney World and I saw an info board about how communication was going to explode and there would be 1,000 times as much media and news and so forth. How would people survive with all of that going on, I wondered. How do you keep up with everything that is being put out there? Wouldn’t people’s heads explode?

I commented just yesterday at the grocery check out that I didn’t know who any of the people in the magazines were. There are a lot more famous people than there were 25 years ago. And there is a lot more coverage of all these famous people. There are people, like the Kardashians who are famous for being famous. I don’t know what the world is coming to.

Paige in this comic seems to be embracing the hectic, go get ’em lifestyle. She says she’d rather be jacked on energy drinks than to meditate and find some peace. I think this is a mistake. I think centering yourself, finding peace, meditating, all that is what people really should be doing. There is a Christian version called Centering Prayer and there is the Buddhist version, and then there is the areligious mindfulness movement. I think they all have merit.

I personally have found great comfort in meditating during my most trying times. Lenny has found great comfort in the local Buddhist temple. He has said it helps him be less miserable. Our flavor of Buddhists believes in teaching every single person to meditate and find peace within themselves in order for world peace to be achieved. Do you crave a sense of peace in your life? How do you create this feeling?

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