So I don’t know why this is funny. It’s certainly not laugh out loud funny. Mostly I wrote it for Lenny who really likes science even though he’s not scientific at all. I’m the scientist. He thinks he knows all about science because he studied the history of science in grad school. I actually took a lot of science courses in college, and worked in a lab at the CDC. Whatever, I still love him.

Anyway the science that I’ve thought about most these last few days is meteorology. This is because hurricane Irma just blew through the town where I live – Sarasota. It was difficult this past week looking at forecasts of the storm and the path it was going to take. What to do? Should we evacuate? Is our house going to blow away? Are we going to get flooded from the storm surge?

Weather is extremely difficult to forecast. At first it looked like it was going to hit us directly. Then it looked like it was going to go up the east side of the state. Then the forecast shifted back to the west. I spent all day yesterday watching the Weather Channel and apparently the storm hit about 80 miles south of us and then went north-east. Sarasota did not get the brunt of it.

Lenny hunkered down in his house and he is alright. He lost power about 11:00PM and it is still out. The storm did not damage his house. The big tree in his back yard fell down, but it was on the neighbor’s property and another tree caught it.

Sarasota issued an evacuation order for the zone closest to the water and mobile homes. Since I live in a mobile home I evacuated to Mobile on Saturday. Lenny looked in on our house and there was no damage, no water, and the power is on. I feel relieved.

I am very grateful for the advanced state of meteorology. It has redefined our relationship to nature. It is now something rational that we can predict. I had advanced notice of the storm and was able to prepare. In times past the storm would just crash in unexpectedly and we would have no idea what to expect. This is just one example of how science has improved our lives and made sense of the phenomena around us.

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