Oh dear, what am I going to write about this one? If I wanted to come up with a strip that was pure silliness I couldn’t come up with a better strip. But then it is important to be silly once in a while. Things start to clog up when you take yourself too seriously.

Seriously is one of those words that has gained status as a one word sentence. It can be either a question, or a statement. It can also be an explicative. I get excited by silly things like that. At least the word still has meaning. Look at a word like “good” whose definition lists “bad” as a meaning and an antonym. That’s a messed up word.

But what does “slice” mean? That’s right. I have nothing better to talk about with this strip than the meaning of the word slice.

OK Divide into parts. Does nothing in nature come divided into parts? Think about nature – what is nature anyway? Anyway, what about grapes? Is each grape not a part of a cluster, which thus comes divided into parts? Oh, this is fun.

I admit it. I get a silly amount of pleasure making weird arguments. Because even though practically everything I’ve said is a question, taken together, it is the way I argue.

This is what has for nature:

So according to this nature is everything – the universe, with all its phenomena, and its nothing, since nothing exists independently of human activities. I think bread falls into one of those categories.


And, the dictionary on my phone uses bread as the example for slice.

So I think Paige’s answer is actually quite clever.

Oh, now I’m thinking about bread. I love bread. If you’ve ever thought so long and hard that you got around to thinking “what kind of person would have a bread machine,” I’m that kind of person. Dang, now I’m going to have to call the “bakery” and get an order of bread, and pick it up at 6:00am. I guess I don’t have to. But I think I will. And yes, I will have it sliced.

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